Friday, 24 September 2010

Session #27 Chalk Springs - New PB

I treated myself to a session of 4 fish at Chalk Springs in Arundel. I have been here before and love the very clear waters and also the fact its only 10 miles from home.

I turned up at about 9am. The fish weren't the easiest to catch but that all adds to the fun. I hooked into a feisty brown trout first up which weighed 2lb 10oz:

Then my first Blue Trout ever. I have tried many time at this place but never even a close nibble until today... This one weighed 2lb 4oz:

In the afternoon I hooked into a very large fish but the line snapped as I was readying for netting. I was most annoyed, or words to that effect...

I decided to try a hand tied small dog biscuit look a like. I moved to a new spot and saw a large brown trout swimming around. After about 10 minutes I put the fly just in front of it and saw the mouth open and close around the fly. Before it could be spat out I pulled hard and hooked in. It was a great fight and proved even more so when I found that the fly was barbless!! This one weighed in at 8lb 2oz!!!

After that one I needed just one more and caught a 2lb 2oz Rainbow before 3PM.

This was my shortest but most successful day here ever. I was on a high. 


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