Monday, 26 April 2010

Session #10 Spinning in Herne Bay

I head out on Sunday, 25th April, for my first spinning session. I headed down to the beach in front of the Ship pub, parked up and set off towards the water. I started off with a slim jim spinner weighing 25g and was casting about 40-50 meters with that. I had no idea how deep the water was but it didn't seem very deep.

I moved on to a 32g spinner and was casting about 70-80 meters, I also tried out a Frenzy plug that went about 50 meters.

I managed my first catch which you can just about make out below:

A 2.5cm shrimp, speared on the hook

Then came the next big catch: 

Then after that I caught a clay rock. It was at that point it was apparent that the water was way to shallow. I did mange to spot these eggs on a breakwater, not sure what they are though:

Could be squid eggs or cuttle perhaps

Hopefully I will pick a better time next to go out spinning and catch then. It is going to be very useful having a spinning rid to help against those windy days when fly fishing isn't possible.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spinning Away

I now have a spinning set up for use in the sea when the wind is too great to get a decent fly line out. I managed to get:

Shakespeare Salt Spin Rod with Penn Captiva CV2 5000
Quoting from :
Constructed from high-carbon and featuring Fuji rings and reel seat, this 10ft, 3-piece equal section, lightweight blank is rated to cast 1 to 3ozs and proves ideal for spinning for bass, pollack, garfish and mackerel when fishing from breakwaters, rock ledges, jetties, piers and beaches. Also ideal when plug fishing for bass over rough ground.

This modern fast tapered blank is built with a responsive tip, but with increasing power in the upper mid sections flowing in to a stiff butt to give a powerful but supple action providing maximum sport with accurate long range casting ability, plus the power to punch light plugs in to a head wind.

Since its launch the SALT Spin rod has accounted for barracuda to nearly 40lbs overseas.

Penn Captiva 5000
- 11 Ball Bearings
- 200yds 12lb Mono Capacity
- Ratio: 5:2:1

I am looking forward to giving this a crack along the Kentish beaches when the northerly winds are on the gust. I will also try this back in Sussex again when I get there.

Happy Spinning...