Saturday, 27 February 2010

Another Blank...

Was intending to pop out to the Chichester Canal Basin this morning at first light but the wind was too high to be safe down there, so back to bed. I headed out this afternoon though, wind had died a little and it was lovely out, albeit cold.

There were three aims to the session:
1) to catch something, anything
2) test out casting the new Orvis Depth Charge 300 line, which cast beautifully
3) to test out the new flies I tied. The ones I tied all looked great in the water and moved very well. I had used a strip of copper wire tied to the hook under the materials. They sank really well. (images at the bottom of the post)

Anyway, I fished a miles section of the canal and the waters were very murky from all the rain we have had. I had several pulls which sent the old heart racing, but that turned out to be under water debre from the January snows. Well that was the total excitement for the day.

I dod chat to another fishman and he explained where he had seen the pike before so I headed for those areas, but still no joy.

Here are the flies used today:


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Split Bunny Pattern

Deer Hair Zonker Pattern

Triple Zonker Epoxy Bunny

Big Bird Pattern

Dainger Fish Pattern

N.B. Don't bother with this as it is as is looks terrible in the water. I may come back to this to improve it, but not for now.

This is something I made up, although I can guarentee I wouldn't be the first to have done it and it probably has a proper name. But till I find that out I name thee "Dainger Fish", the 2-Tone Marabou Fish Pattern.

This fly is made up as follows:

Hook: 4/0 SL12 from
Body: Marabou (White, Yellow or Black or Olive), Krystal Flash (Pearl), Red Cock Hackle Feathers
Head: N/A
Eyes: Heavy Bead Chain from Homebase

  1. Tie on the eyes above the point of the hook and lash on tight.
  2. Tie on the first White feather in front of the eyes and tighten. Then tie the feather again just behind the eyes having taken the stem under the eyes.
  3. Repeat again the other side.
  4. Tie on the first of the coloured (Yellow, Olive or Black) in front of the eyes again and tie it off. Then tie the feather off again behind the eyes having pulled the feather over the eyes.
  5. Repeat again the other side.
  6. Ties in 5-6 strands of flash on each side for some sparkle.
  7. Add in a small red cock hackle each side
  8. Varnish off the threading at the front of the hook.
This is now complete.

Side Profile

Front Profile
Top Profile

Three different colours of the pattern

This one has been wetted and then squeezed out to dry. It looks a little scrawny, but had some size when pulled from the water and the marabou did move welll in the sink.

Notes: The fly currently floats and so may need some weighting. Could use epoxy or a strip of metal on the head glued in place to get it sinking. It is also light enough for the int/sinking line to take down easliy. Should cast OK but will update the notes once tested.

All Feathers and Hair

This fly is made up as follows:
Hook: 6/0 Partridge AD Swier Pike Fly Black Nickel Hooks
Body: Schlappen (Green), Cock Feathers (Grizzled), Krystal Flash (Pearl)
Head: Bucktail (Orange, Red)
Eyes: Heavy Bead Chain from Homebase
  1. Tie on 4 Schallen Feathers at North, South, East and West of the hook with the curve facing outward. This is done above the point of the hook.
  2. Tie in 5 Cock feathers, also with the curve going outwards. This is done in front of the Schlappen feathers.
  3. Tie in Red Bucktail facing backwards towards the feathers and tie off. The repeat with Orange.
  4. After that is tied off. Tie in the weighted eyes and use varnish to solidify the thread and the end of the fly.
Notes: This fly has not been tested yet and I will add notes when it has.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Week of Fishing - Updated

I have a week booked off near the end of March and the only thing I am intending to do is FISH...

I am planning to go trout fishing for 2-3 days during the week, Sea fishing from a Charter Boat and fly fishing for Pike and Bass in the area.

Thus far the plan looks like this, although locations will be decided nearer the time:

Saturday: Chew Valley Lake PFFA Event
Sunday: Chew Valley Lake PFFA Event
Monday: Pike/Bass/Mullet
Tuesday: Trout Fishing - Holbury Lakes
Wednesday: Pike/Bass/Mullet
Thursday: Pike/Bass/Mullet
Friday: Trout Fishing - Meon Springs
Saturday: Pike/Bass/Mullet
Sunday: Boat Fishing
Monday: Back to work - BOOO

Roll on that week and hoping that the weather is fine for me